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The inaugural Plastics Recycling Show Asia (PRS Asia) is poised to make a significant impact as it debuts at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore on November 13-14, 2024. This groundbreaking two-day event stands out as the only regional gathering dedicated exclusively to the field of plastics recycling, offering a unique platform for industry stakeholders. PRS Asia aims to serve as a nexus for the latest information and technological advancements in the rapidly evolving plastics recycling sector. By bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and technology providers, the event seeks to foster collaboration and drive progress in the industry. The dual-format event comprises both an exhibition and a high-level conference, each designed to provide attendees with valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Event Details :

Date: 13-11- 2024 To 14-11- 2024
Location: Marina Bay Sands
Phone: +44(0)7903 847852
Email: [email protected]
Registration Here

Event Highlights And Objectives

PRS Asia’s mission is to address the critical issues and opportunities within the plastics recycling industry by presenting the latest technologies, regulatory updates, and market trends. As the only event of its kind in the region, PRS Asia will attract a diverse array of participants, including policymakers, industry leaders, environmental advocates, and technical experts.

Exhibition Showcase

The exhibition will feature a comprehensive display of cutting-edge solutions and technologies currently available in the market. Exhibitors will showcase state-of-the-art recycling methods, advanced machinery, and innovative materials that are reshaping the future of the industry. This part of the event provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products, network with potential partners, and gain exposure to the latest market trends. Participants will be able to witness live demonstrations, engage with product specialists, and explore the latest advancements in recycling technology.

Exhibition Highlights

Innovative Recycling Technologies:

Discover the latest machinery and processes designed to improve recycling efficiency and output.

Sustainable Materials:

Learn about new materials developed to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Product Demonstrations:

Attend live demonstrations to see cutting-edge technologies in action.

Business Networking:

Connect with industry leaders, potential clients, and partners to foster new business relationships.

Conference Insights

Running concurrently with the exhibition, the conference will feature international experts who will delve into crucial themes affecting the plastics recycling landscape. These thought leaders will provide in-depth analysis and share their expertise on a variety of topics, offering attendees a wealth of knowledge and actionable insights.

Key Topics To Be Covered Include

Circular Economy:

Exploring strategies for creating a sustainable loop in plastics production and recycling. Discussions will focus on how to design products for recyclability, implement effective recycling systems, and reduce waste.


Analyzing the impact of current and forthcoming regulations on the industry. Experts will discuss regulatory compliance, policy developments, and the implications for businesses operating in the plastics sector.

Challenges And Opportunities:

Identifying the hurdles faced by the sector and potential avenues for growth and improvement. Topics will include overcoming technical challenges, addressing market dynamics, and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Innovations And Technologies:

Highlighting groundbreaking advancements that are set to revolutionize plastics recycling. Attendees will learn about new technologies, innovative processes, and the latest research driving the industry forward.


Analyzing current and future trends to provide a comprehensive outlook on the industry’s trajectory. Discussions will cover market trends, consumer behavior, and the future direction of the plastics recycling sector.

Experts will share their knowledge and experiences, offering attendees a deep dive into the intricacies of the sector and fostering a collaborative environment to promote a greener future.

Networking And Collaboration

One of the key benefits of attending PRS Asia is the opportunity to network with industry peers, thought leaders, and potential business partners. The event is designed to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations, encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices. This can lead to new partnerships, innovative projects, and a stronger, more unified approach to tackling the challenges of plastics recycling.

Attendees Will Have The Chance To Participate In Various Networking Activities, Including:

Roundtable Discussions:

Engage in focused discussions with experts and peers on specific topics of interest.

Networking Receptions:

Attend social events designed to foster informal networking and relationship-building.

One-On-One Meetings:

Schedule private meetings with other attendees to discuss potential collaborations and business opportunities.

Panel Discussions And Q&A Sessions:

Participate in interactive sessions with industry leaders to gain insights and ask questions.

Join Us

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the inaugural Plastics Recycling Show Asia. Join us at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore on November 13-14, 2024, and be at the forefront of the plastics recycling revolution. Register now to secure your place at this pivotal event and contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.


PRS Asia is pivotal for advancing the plastics recycling industry in the region. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange, showcases innovations, and fosters collaboration, driving progress towards a sustainable and circular plastics economy. The event offers valuable opportunities to learn, connect, and contribute to a greener future. Attendees will gain insights, knowledge, and connections to advance sustainable solutions in the sector.

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