COMPLAST NEPAL 2024: Trade Show

Event Overview:

Complast Nepal is set to be a landmark event in Nepal’s economic calendar, aimed at enhancing business prospects in the dynamic plastics market. Scheduled from 28th to 30th November 2024 at Bhrukuti Mandap, Kathmandu, the exhibition transcends traditional trade shows by encompassing conferences, seminars and extensive networking opportunities, making it a comprehensive platform for industry stakeholders.

Event Details:

Dates: 28-Nov-2024 to 30-Nov-2024
Location: Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu Nepal
No: (+91) 9003025103 / 7200099049
Email: [email protected]
Floor Plan

Financial Reference:

Nepal’s economy, marked by a GDP of US$ 36 billion in 2021 and a GDP per capita of US$ 1,236, is on a growth trajectory. The country’s major economic sectors include agriculture, carpet and garment industries, tourism and services. With imports of US$ 10 billion, including petroleum products, machinery, electrical goods and medicines, and exports of US$ 917 million, mainly agricultural and textile products, Nepal presents a vibrant market for the development of the plastics industry.

Event Highlights:

1. Detailed Performance:

  • Exhibiting cutting-edge plastic products and groundbreaking technologies.
  • Participation of leading global and regional companies.
  • A live demonstration of innovative materials and solutions in the plastics sector.

2. Affiliate Promotional Activities:

Conferences & Seminars:

Featuring expert discussions on market trends, technological innovations and sustainable practices in the plastics industry.

Networking Opportunities:

Facilitation of strategic business connections between manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and industry leaders.

Workshops And Technical Sessions:

Providing hands-on experiences and detailed insights into state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and product development.

3. Interactive Product Display:

  • Interactive booths that allow attendees to directly engage with the latest products.
  • A virtual reality exhibition showcasing future technologies.
  • Hands-on trial for new machinery and equipment.

4. Market Research And Insights:

  • Presentation of latest market research reports.
  • Insights into consumer trends and preferences in Nepal and South Asia.
  • Data-driven strategies for market entry and expansion.

5. Sustainability Focus:

  • Emphasis on sustainable practices in the plastics industry.
  • Discussion on eco-friendly materials and recycling techniques.
  • Demonstration of sustainable products and solutions.

6. Government And Policy Engagement:

  • Involvement of government officials and policy makers.
  • Discussion on regulatory framework and incentives for plastics industry.
  • Policy updates affecting trade and investment in Nepal.

Reasons To Attend Complast Nepal 2024:

Comprehensive Market Insights:

Gain an in-depth understanding of the economic landscape and plastics industry trends in Nepal and South Asia.

Extended Networking:

Build valuable connections with industry experts, potential customers and business partners.

Cutting-Edge Innovation:

Explore the latest advances and emerging trends in the plastics industry through interactive displays and demonstrations.

Business Expansion:

Discover new business opportunities and strategies to expand your market presence in one of South Asia’s most promising economies.

Sustainability Awareness:

Learn about sustainable practices and environmentally friendly solutions that are transforming the plastics industry.

Policy Updates:

Stay informed about the latest government policies and regulatory changes affecting the industry.


Complast Naples 2024 is more than an exhibition; It is a strategic platform to promote trade, share knowledge and promote growth in Nepal’s plastics industry. Bringing together industry leaders, researchers and business professionals, COMPLAST NEPAL aims to drive economic growth and technological advancement, making it a must-attend event for anyone involved in the plastics sector.

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