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Revolutionizing Global Scrap & Stocklot Trade

Transforming the Scrap & Stocklot Industry. We are a user-friendly digital platform connecting buyers and sellers effortlessly. Our marketplace simplifies transactions, allowing suppliers to update offerings and buyers to browse and purchase materials with ease. Join us on ScrapC and experience a revolutionary approach to scrap and stocklot trading.
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Features for Buyer/Seller

Comprehensive Categories​

We cover a wide range of scrap categories,including plastic,paper, fabric, metal,wood, and machinery

Simple Registration & Direct Trading​

Our user-friendly platform allows you to register easily and start buying or selling your scrap products immediately.

Logistics Support​

That’s why we provide comprehensive logistics support, ensuring a seamless flow from the seller to the buyer.

Instant Chat

Our integrated chat feature allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly, negotiate deals, and clarify any queries.

Convenient Notifications:

This makes it easy for you to access important information and stay connected even while on the go.

Personalized Alerts

Receive daily notifications based on your specific requirements, ensuring you never miss out on potential deals.


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