Fakuma fachmesse 2024

The 29th edition of Fakuma, the world’s leading trade event for industrial plastics processing, will be held from October 15 to 19, 2024, at Messe Friedrichshafen. With 1,636 exhibitors showcasing a vast international range of products and services, Fakuma offers a comprehensive overview of all plastics technologies.

Event Details:

Date: 15-10-2024 To 19-10-2024
Location: Messe Friedrichshafen Germany
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Fakuma stands as a premier global event for industry professionals, offering unmatched opportunities for networking, innovation, and business growth. Renowned for its international reach, Fakuma provides a platform to showcase advancements, engage with thought leaders, and explore cutting-edge technologies. It serves as a catalyst for innovation and a hub for professional connections, making it an essential event in the plastics processing calendar.

Why Exhibit at Fakuma?

Fakuma provides a dedicated platform for exhibitors to showcase their innovations and connect with industry leaders. Here’s why it stands out:

Global Appeal:

Fakuma attracts a diverse international audience, making it an ideal venue to reach a global market.

Industry Leadership:

Fakuma is the world leader in injection molding technology and a major player in extrusion and thermoforming.

Comprehensive Coverage:

 The event covers all aspects of plastics processing, from raw materials to processing machines, peripherals, automation solutions, and C-technology.

Innovation Hub:

Fakuma serves as an information provider, trend barometer, and idea generator, helping exhibitors stay ahead of industry trends and innovations.

Networking Opportunities:

Fakuma fosters a special personal and familiar atmosphere, making it easier to build and strengthen professional relationships.

Key Themes And Highlights

Fakuma 2024 will focus on several key themes and highlights, ensuring that attendees gain valuable insights and experiences:

Innovative Technologies:

Discover the latest machinery and processes designed to improve recycling efficiency and output.

Sustainable Materials:

Learn about new materials developed to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Product Demonstrations:

Attend live demonstrations to see cutting-edge technologies in action.

Business Networking:

Connect with industry leaders, potential clients, and partners to foster new business relationships.

Focus Areas for Fakuma 2024

The event will delve into several critical focus areas, reflecting the industry’s current challenges and future directions:


Explore the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in plastics processing.

Process Automation:

Learn about the latest advancements in automating production processes for increased efficiency.

Energy Efficiency:

Discover new technologies and practices aimed at reducing energy consumption in plastics processing.

Circular Economy:

Understand how the industry is addressing the challenges of sustainability and waste reduction.

Plastics Processing in the Intelligently Networked Factory of Tomorrow

Fakuma 2024 will demonstrate how plastics processing can be integrated into climate protection and the circular economy. Exhibitors are working on the challenges of sustainability with tremendous innovative drive and dynamics. The event will highlight the transition to the intelligently networked factory of tomorrow, focusing on digitalization, process automation, energy efficiency, and circular economy.

Highlights of Fakuma 2024

Exhibition Space:

With a comprehensive display of products and services, the exhibition will cover everything from raw materials and processing machines to peripherals and automation solutions.

Live Demonstrations:

Witness the latest technologies in action through live demonstrations and hands-on exhibits.

Expert Panels and Workshops:

Engage with experts through panels and workshops focusing on the latest industry trends and innovations.

Networking Receptions:

Attend receptions and social events designed to facilitate networking in a relaxed environment.


Fakuma 2024 is more than just a trade fair; it is a critical platform for advancing the plastics processing industry. By showcasing the latest innovations and fostering collaboration, Fakuma drives significant progress towards a sustainable and circular economy for plastics. Whether you are an industry veteran or new to the sector, Fakuma offers valuable opportunities to learn, connect, and contribute to a greener future. Join us at Messe Friedrichshafen from October 15 to 19, 2024, and be part of the leading event for industrial plastics processing.

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