In industries ranging from chemicals to food processing, HDPE drums play a vital role in storage and transportation. These durable containers offer a host of benefits, from their robust construction to their recyclability. Let’s explore everything you need to know about HDPE drums, including their uses, suppliers, and how you can buy or sell them on ScrapC Marketplace.

Understanding HDPE Drums

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) drums are renowned for their strength, chemical resistance, and versatility. Available in various sizes, from 50 liters to 200 liters, these drums are commonly used for storing liquids, powders, and solids across industries

HDPE Drum HSN Code is 39012000.

HDPE Drum Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of HDPE drums starts with the preparation of HDPE resin pellets through polymerization of ethylene. These pellets are then melted and injected into molds designed according to the shape and size of the drum using high pressure injection molding. After cooling and solidifying, the excess material is removed, and additional components such as lids, closures, and handles are assembled onto the drum. Quality control checks ensure that the drums meet the required specifications, and once approved, they are packed for delivery. Discarded drums can be recycled, thereby contributing to sustainability efforts by reusing the materials for new products. Overall, the process combines precision engineering, materials science, and quality control measures to produce durable containers suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Finding HDPE Drum Suppliers

Are you in search of quality HDPE drums for your industrial needs? Look no further! At ScrapC Marketplace, we offer a wide range of HDPE drums to meet your requirements. Our extensive inventory includes HDPE drums in various sizes, colors, and grades, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your application.

Buying and Selling HDPE Drums on ScrapC

Whether you’re looking for HDPE drum manufacturers, suppliers, or scrap dealers, ScrapC Marketplace has got you covered. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily browse through different listings and connect with sellers offering HDPE drums that match your specifications.

From 50-liter HDPE drums to 200-liter variants, we have everything you need to streamline your operations. Our HDPE drum offerings include blue drums, open-top drums, regrind, scrap, granules, and flakes, providing you with a comprehensive selection to choose from.

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So why wait? Explore our marketplace today and discover the perfect HDPE drum solution for your business needs. Buy and sell all types of HDPE drums with ease at ScrapC Marketplace.


HDPE drums are indispensable assets across industries, offering durability, versatility, and recyclability. Whether you need them for storage, transportation, or recycling, ScrapC Marketplace is your one-stop destination. Explore a wide range of HDPE drum options, connect with suppliers, and contribute to a greener future by buying and selling on ScrapC today.

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