July 20, 2024
Ahmedabad Spot Rates
C C R806+
Iron33500 ₹/ton
HMS33500 ₹/ton
Stainless steel (SS)
202 FLAT89
304 SCRAP119

Today's Scrap Rates in Ahmedabad

Today's Scrap Rates in Ahmedabad

Finding the best scrap rates in Ahmedabad can be a hassle, but worry no more! We are here to provide you with the latest information and make your scrap selling experience seamless and profitable.

We understand the dynamic nature of the scrap market. That’s why we provide daily price updates on our user-friendly app. This way, you can always make an informed decision about selling your scrap and get the best possible price.

Current Scrap Rates in Ahmedabad:

Iron Scrap:

Copper Scrap

(Prices may vary depending on type and purity):   Please inquire through our app for specific copper scrap rates (e.g., copper armature, copper pieces).

Stainless Steel

(Prices may vary depending on grade):

Please inquire through our app for specific Ahmedabad SS rate categories (for example, 202 Sheet Cut Scrap, 202 Barton Open, etc.).

We buy more than just iron and copper.

Ferrous Metals:

Iron, Steel, Cast Iron

Non-ferrous metals:

Copper, brass, aluminium, lead, etc


Different grades and types (see our app for details)


Cardboard, newspaper, office paper, etc. (condition may affect price)


Textiles, clothing (may require specific sorting)   Even more  (Please inquire through the app for specific materials)

Why choose us for your scrap sales needs?

We believe in providing a seamless and rewarding experience to our customers. Here’s what sets us apart

Unbeatable Prices:

Get top dollar for your scrap with our competitive pricing structure

Convenient App:

Manage your scrap transactions and stay updated on prices easily.

Transparency and Trust:

We provide clear information and ensure accurate weight for fair pricing

Eco-Friendly Approach:

By recycling your scrap, you contribute to a green environment. Download our app today and start earning

Selling scrap has never been easier. Download our app here

  • Access real time scrap prices in Ahmedabad.
  • Manage your scrap transactions with ease.
  • Get helpful tips and guides for sorting and preparing your scrap for sale.
  • Connect with our friendly customer support team for any queries.
  • Beyond Daily Rates: Valuable Tips for Selling Scrap Effectively

Here are some additional tips for maximising your profits when selling scrap:

Sort your scraps carefully. Different materials to get the best price for each type.

Understand the status of your scrap. High quality scrap, free from contaminants, fetches a premium.

Weigh your scrap accurately. Most scrap yards have weighing facilities, but it helps to have a rough estimate beforehand.

Stay informed Use our app to stay updated on market trends and pricing fluctuations.

Let’s work together to make scrap sales a sustainable profit

By choosing our app and following these tips, you can not only make good money from your scrap, but also contribute to a more sustainable future through responsible recycling. We are here to empower you to make informed decisions and get maximum value from your scrap


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