May 28, 2024

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Today Sponge Iron Price Update -Pan India


For steel business, it is necessary to have sponge iron, which is also called direct reduced iron (DRI). To make it, natural gas or coal is used to heat and break up iron rock that is still solid. Let’s take a closer look at sponge iron, its different types, how it is used and what affects its price in the scrap market

Different Types of Sponge Iron Shell

The first type is coal-based sponge iron

Which is made by using coal as a catalyst as well as a reducing agent. It is widely used because it is cheap and easily available in places with abundant supplies of coal.

Gas-based sponge iron:

This type is made from natural gas and is preferred because it is better, has lower carbon emissions and uses less energy than coal-based sponge iron

Uses and Applications

Electric arc furnace (EAF) and induction furnace methods are used to make most steel from sponge iron. It is perfectly suited for making high quality steel items as it is very pure and has a consistent composition. A lot of steel parts are made from sponge iron in industries like construction, machinery and car industry.

Journey From Scrap to Product

Scrap iron goes through several stages on its way to becoming sponge iron:

Collecting and Sorting:

Scrap metal is collected from various places, such as old cars, broken buildings and industrial waste. Sorting is done on the basis of type and quality

Processing and shredding:

The scrap that has been sorted is processed and cut into smaller pieces to make it easier to melt and refine.

Melting and Reduction :

The scrap pieces are melted in a furnace, and the molten metal is reduced to get rid of any impurities and make it have the correct chemical composition.

Making Sponge Iron:

The reduced iron is transformed into sponge iron using direct reduction methods, which ensures that it has a high iron content that can be used to make steel.

Price Changes: Market Trends, Demand and Supply

Price Changes: Market Trends, Demand and Supply

Steel Industry Demand :

Changes in steel demand have a direct impact on the price of sponge iron, especially when infrastructure is being built or the economy is bad

Raw Material Cost:

Cost and supply of iron ore, coal and natural gas are some of the raw materials that affect the production cost and, in turn, affect the price of sponge iron

Global Market Trends:

Trade policies, global factors and changes in demand and supply over time are some of the international market trends that influence scrap prices

Environmental regulations:

Stricter regulations regarding the use of coal or natural gas that protect the environment can change how much it costs to make sponge iron and how much it charges.

Technological advancements:

New technologies for direct reduction, better energy efficiency and eco-friendly ways of making things may also change how prices are set and how competitive the market is


Sponge iron is an important link in the steel production line because it is flexible, saves money and is better for the environment. If you want to understand how sponge iron prices will change in the scrap market, you need to know how demand, supply, market trends, and production work together.


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