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June 13, 2024
Jamnagar ScrapPrice
Brass Free Cutting Extrusion Bar579 ₹/kg (+3.0) ⬆
Brass Hunny Scrap550 ₹/kg (+3.0) ⬆
Brass Hunny Yellow Pipe563 ₹/kg (+3.0) ⬆
Brass Hunny Yellow Vasan562 ₹/kg (+3.0) ⬆
Brass Label – ROHS569 ₹/kg (+3.0) ⬆
Zinc Ingots ELECTRO285 ₹/kg (0) ↔
Zinc Ingots PW265 ₹/kg (0) ↔
Zinc New Purja247 ₹/kg (0) ↔
Zinc old Purja242 ₹/kg (0) ↔
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