Plastics Connect 2024: Launch of the world's plastics industry

The plastics business is about to change, and PLEXCONNECT 2024 is the event that will make it happen. As the world’s largest plastics show, PLEXCONNECT 2024 is the best place to showcase new products, meet industry stars and discover new business opportunities. This article talks about why PLEXCONNECT 2024 is the most important event for anyone working in the plastics business this year.


Date:  June 7th to 9th, 2024
Address:  Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nesco Mumbai
Registration: Register online at PLEX CONNECT for early bird discounts and exclusive access.
Floor Plan:  Explore the Event floor plan to locate exhibitors, seminar areas, and special showcases

Global Networking Opportunities

PLEXCONNECT 2024 brings together 900 buyers from over 100 countries. It’s a melting pot of cultures and ideas where deals are made, relationships are formed and the future of the plastics industry is shaped

New and interesting performances

The show features international pavilions that showcase the best plastics businesses from around the world. Themed pavilions give visitors information about certain topics, such as advanced manufacturing methods and plastics that are good for the environment.

Exchange of Knowledge

At PLEXCONNECT 2024, technical seminars give attendees useful information about the latest research and trends in the business. Visitors can get hands-on practice with new technologies and products at the Experience Center, which also serves as a learning center.

Strategic location

Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nesco Mumbai offers both convenient and state-of-the-art services. Its central location makes it easy to reach visitors from all over the world.

Exhibitors at PLEXCONNECT 2024 will have a unique opportunity to make their brands more visible and reach a wider audience. With a wide range of business professionals and decision makers in the crowd, exhibitors can Maximize Exposure: Use key areas of the exhibition for strong branding.

Targeted advertising :

Use the event’s various media outlets to reach the people you want to reach.

Customized Solutions :

The PLEXCONNECT team can help you create advertising deals that fit your business and meet your specific needs.

Premier Brand Placement:

Place your brand in prominent positions at events, such as on the main stage, in conference rooms and in experience centers. Enjoy VIP events and secret meetings with important buyers and business leaders that are exclusively yours

Increased Impact:

Sponsor technical workshops and keynotes to make your brand look like a thought leader.

Special Attention

As the only trade show for plastics exports, PLEXCONNECT 2024 ensures that participants get the attention of a specific audience, giving them a greater chance to stand out in a market full of opportunities

Hub for networking

The event is a great place to meet people and do business as it brings together exhibitors with serious buyers and trade guests from over 100 countries

Showcases made just for you

Exhibitors can choose from theme based, state and district booths to make their show more relevant to the people they want to visit. Meetups where buyers and sellers switch roles are a unique way to build important business relationships.

You can find plastic world for visitors here.

Those who come to PLEXCONNECT 2024 can fully experience an event that gives them a complete picture of the Indian plastics business.

Know about leading brands

With 500 top brands on display, visitors can meet the companies that are driving India’s plastics industry forward and see the latest goods and technologies first-hand

Be a witness to new ideas

With live machine demos and interactive displays that bring the future of plastics to life, the exhibition is a show of new ideas.

Join the Government

Government is very important to the plastics business, and PLEXCONNECT 2024 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak directly to them.

Connect with the people making the decisions

The event brings together important people from around the world, making it a great place to make business connections and networking.


PLEXCONNECT 2024 is more than just an event; It is a beacon for the plastics business that shows the way for growth, collaboration and new ideas. It will be held from June 7 to June 9, 2024 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nesco Mumbai. It is being organised by the Plastics Export Promotion Council. If you are an exhibitor, visitor or business interested person you cannot miss PLEXCONNECT 2024.

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