NPE 2024: The Plastic Show Tailored for Your Industry Needs

Welcome to NPE 2024, where the world of plastics will gather at the iconic Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida for five transformative days from May 6 to 10, 2024. More than just an event, NPE 2024 is a dynamic ecosystem where industry leaders, innovators and visionaries come together to redefine the future of plastics.

Event Details :

A Nexus of Innovation

Every three years, NPE serves as a catalyst for progress, attracting the brightest minds and bold ideas from around the world. At NPE 2024, expect an unparalleled showcase of ingenuity and creativity, as participants explore unprecedented advancements set to revolutionize industries around the world.

Strengthening Relationships

In the bustling corridors of NPE 2024, connections are made, collaborations are born and the possibilities are limitless. Whether you are looking to expand your network, develop partnerships, or explore new avenues of growth, NPE provides a dynamic platform to realize your aspirations

Suitable Solution for Each area

NPE 2024 has been carefully designed to cater to a wide variety of industries including medical, robotics, automotive, machinery, packaging, recycling, bottling, sustainability, innovation, automotive and transportation. With a wide range of exhibitors and specific sectors, attendees can find customised solutions that address their specific needs and challenges.

Innovation at your fingertips

Step onto the show floor and immerse yourself in a world of innovation. With over 700 exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services, NPE 2024 is a treasure trove of inspiration and discovery. From cutting-edge machinery to cutting-edge materials, attendees have the opportunity to experience firsthand the technologies that are shaping the future of plastics.

See who is performing at NPE2024

More than 700 exhibitors on the NPE2024 show floor Brand new Browse the exhibitor list to see where your favorite exhibitors are located, or filter by product category, country or technology area to find New Exhibitor Products and Services. Check back frequently to view our growing list of exhibitors.

Field Tour: A Journey of Exploration

Embark on a journey through six distinct technology sectors, each offering unique insights and growth opportunities

Bottle Zone:

Learn about the latest advances in bottling technology and solutions

Advanced Manufacturing Sector:

Exploration of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and equipment.

Moldmaking Zone:

Discover the artistry and innovation behind moldmaking technology.

Recycling Sustainability Zone:

Connect with the sustainable practices and solutions driving the recycling revolution.

Materials Science Area:

Dive deeper into the science behind materials and their diverse applications.

Packaging Sector:

Experience the evolution of packaging design and technology in action.

Setting a course for success

In NPE 2024, success is not measured by transactions alone; It is defined by the relationships formed, knowledge gained and ideas exchanged. With over 1 million square feet of exhibition space and a dynamic lineup of over 2,000 exhibiting companies, NPE provides a gateway to unparalleled growth and opportunity.

Empowering Insights for Industry Leaders

Participate in expert-led educational sessions designed to equip leaders with the insights and strategies needed to navigate a constantly evolving landscape. From workforce development and automation to market trends and regulatory updates, NPE provides a platform for continuous learning and innovation.

Join the global community

More than 55,000 business leaders and technology experts from every corner of the world will converge at NPE 2024 to shape the future of the plastics industry. From seasoned professionals to emerging innovators, NPE offers a vibrant community of thought leaders and change-makers.

Reserve your spot in the future

Registration for NPE 2024 is now open. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this transformational program. Reserve your place today and embark on a journey of innovation, growth and opportunity at NPE 2024. See you in Orlando


NPE 2024 is not just an event; It is a gateway to innovation, collaboration and growth in the plastics industry. From groundbreaking advancements to tailored solutions for every sector, NPE provides a platform where ideas flourish and relationships develop. Join us in Orlando from May 6 to 10, 2024, and unlock the possibilities of the future at NPE 2024. Reserve your place today and be part of shaping the next era of plastics. See you at NPE 2024


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