Innovation for a sustainable future: Global Conclave On Plastics Recycling And Sustainability

In today’s world, the issue of plastic waste and its impact on the environment has become a serious concern. The Global Conclave on Plastics Recycling and Sustainability (GCPRS) 2024, organised by All India Plastics Manufacturers Association (AIPMA) and Chemical and Petrochemicals Manufacturers Association (CPMA), aims to address these challenges by showcasing innovative solutions and promoting collaboration. A more sustainable future.

GCPRS 2024 Exhibition

Event Details :

Date:  July 4th to 7th, 2024
Address: Bharat Mandapam, IECC (Pragati Maidan), New Delhi.
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Organized By : AIPMA

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Global Conclave on Plastics Recycling and Sustainability (GCPRS) 2024

Exhibitors at GCPRS 2024:

  • Recycling Machinery Manufacturer
  • Plastic Recycler
  • Waste Solutions Provider
  • Bio-polymer manufacturer
  • Compostable manufacturer
  • Recycled Products Manufacturer
  • Innovative Start-ups
  • Raw material producer

Why Perform On GCPRS?

Exhibiting at GPCRS provides a unique opportunity to showcase cutting-edge recycling technologies and sustainable solutions to a diverse audience. It allows participants to network with industry leaders, potential partners and stakeholders, foster collaboration and explore new business avenues in the rapidly growing recycling sector

Why Join GCPRS?

Attending GCPRS gives attendees the chance to gain valuable insight into the latest innovations in sustainable practices, recycling supply chains and plastics recycling technologies. By connecting with global organisations showcasing cutting-edge solutions, attendees can explore business development opportunities and potential collaborations that can contribute to the advancement of the recycling industry.

Highlights Of The Conference

The conclave will feature an international conference on circular economy and plastic recycling technologies. Led by experts in the field, the conference will cover a range of topics including advances in biodegradable plastics, circular economy principles in waste management and policy frameworks affecting plastics use and recycling.

Main Objectives Of GCPRS 2024

Showcasing Innovation:

Highlight cutting-edge recycling technologies and sustainable alternatives like biodegradable and compostable plastics.

Networking Facility:

Provide a platform for industry leaders, start-ups and environmental experts to network, collaborate and share insights.

Promoting Education :

Offer educational sessions and conferences to educate participants about sustainable practices and circular economy principles.

Drive Action:

Encourage stakeholders to take actionable steps toward increasing recycling rates and reducing plastic waste.

Collaborative Opportunities

GCPRS 2024 offers a number of collaborative opportunities for participants to connect with industry peers, exchange ideas and explore potential partnerships. By fostering collaboration across different sectors of the recycling industry, the Conclave aims to catalyze impactful initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable future

Key Figures :

60%: India’s plastic recycling rate
$520+ million: Plastic recycling market size
50,000+: Expected business visitors
400+: Exhibitors
14,000+: Expected Attendance

The need to address plastic waste and promote sustainable practices is more urgent than ever. GCPRS 2024 represents an important step towards inspiring collective action and driving meaningful change within the plastics recycling industry. By leveraging innovation, collaboration and education, the Conclave aims to pave the way to a greener, cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come.


Ultimately, the Global Conclave on Plastics Recycling and Sustainability (GCPRS) 2024 serves as a beacon of hope and progress in the journey to a sustainable future. By bringing together stakeholders across the industry, GCPRS aims to catalyze transformative initiatives and inspire collective action towards a circular economy and reducing plastic waste. Join us at GCPRS 2024 to be part of this important movement and contribute to shaping a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

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