France Innovation Plasturgie, Lyon Eurexpo

FIP – France Innovation Plastergie: Shaping the future of the plastics industry

From June 4-7, 2024, the heart of the plastics industry will beat faster than ever at Eurexpo in Lyon, France. The highly anticipated FIP – France Innovation PlasticsG event stands as the premier gathering for professionals and innovators from the plastics, composites and rubber sectors. As a hub of innovation and industrial advancement, FIP provides a comprehensive platform for business exchange, showcasing the latest market trends and promoting important industrial decisions.

Event Information :

Date : 4 June 2024-  7 June 2024

Venue : EUREXPO HALLS 6 & 5

Boulevard de l’Europe (visitor entrance)

69686 Chassieu

Registration Here

Confluence of Innovation and Industry Leadership

FIP has long been recognized as a cornerstone program for the plastics industry in France. It’s not just a trade show; It is a catalyst for change, bringing together more than 10,000 visitors and 800 exhibitors and brands. 

These key numbers reflect the magnitude of the event and its role in moving the industry forward:

10,000 visitors:

A diverse mix of professionals eager to explore new developments and make important connections.

800 Exhibitors and Brands :

Showcasing cutting-edge technologies, services and materials.

4 Exhibition Areas :

Special areas tailored to specific industry needs and innovations.

100 Captains of Industry :

High-profile leaders sharing insights and strategies.

1,500 Live Demos :

Real-time demonstrations of the latest advances in technology and materials.

30 Conferences and Workshops:

Educational sessions provide in-depth insight on industry trends and challenges

Why Join FIP?

FIP offers a unique opportunity to connect with key players committed to transforming the plastics industry. As the only trade show in France entirely dedicated to the sector, it serves as an important gateway to discovering advanced technological innovations and emerging trends. Whether on the exhibition floor or in the conference room, FIP is where the future of the plastics industry takes shape

Explore four new locations

Each industry in the plastics sector has its own unique trends and needs. FIP caters to these diverse needs through four dedicated exhibition areas, ensuring that every visitor finds value and relevant solutions:

Technology, Materials and Services:

This sector aggregates all the major innovations in the industry, including machines, materials, services and peripheral equipment. This is the perfect place to discover the latest developments that can propel your business forward.

Subcontractor solutions for decision makers:

If you are looking for expertise for your production projects, this location provides direct access to plastics converters who can meet your specific needs with their extensive knowledge. Can do. Can do.

Circular Economy Solutions:

With the growing importance of sustainability, this area addresses environmental issues within the plastics industry. Here exhibitors present solutions that enhance sustainability throughout the production chain, complemented by the Valoris Parcours FIP that highlights sustainable innovations.

Innovative and Alternative Materials:

For those looking for materials with unique or distinctive properties, this area is dedicated to cutting-edge and alternative materials. Engage directly in these innovations through sensory experiences like touching and observing to make informed decisions for your projects.

Knowledge and Networking Through Conferences and Workshops

FIP goes beyond exhibitions with its rich range of conferences and workshops. These sessions are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the plastics industry. These programs featuring top experts provide valuable knowledge and best practices to help you succeed and stay ahead in the industry.


FIP – France Innovation PlasticG 2024 promises to be an essential event for anyone involved in the plastics industry. By attending, you will gain access to the latest innovations, connect with industry leaders, and discover solutions that address both current needs and future challenges. Mark your calendars for June 4-7, 2024, and join thousands of professionals at Lyon Eurexpo to accelerate, share and promote the future of the plastics industry.

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