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Elmia Polymer: The Premier Plastics & Rubber Trade Fair in the Nordic Region | May 14-17, 2024, Jönköping

Are you ready to take a look at the future of plastics and rubber technology? Mark your calendars May 14-17, 2024, as Elmia Polymers, part of the Elmia Production Fair, reveals the latest innovations and trends shaping the Nordic region’s polymer industry.

Event Information :

Date: May 14, 2024 – May 17, 2024

Organizer: Elmia AB

Location: Elmia, Elmiavagn 11, 554 54 Jönköping, Sweden

Website Visite here

Exploring the Future :

Elmia Polymers stands as a leading platform within Scandinavia, focusing exclusively on plastics and rubber. Organized by Elmia AB, the event promises top-tier selections in injection molding, extrusion and compounding technologies

What to Expect :

At Elmia Polymers, witness the unveiling of state-of-the-art machinery and automation solutions, with exhibitors showcasing their systems live. This year’s fair builds on a rich tradition established since its inception in 2009, driven by industry collaboration and innovation

Theme for 2024 :

The 2024 edition of the Elmia Production Fair, including Elmia Polymers, is based on three Key themes:

Smart Industry:

Unveiling technologies like digitalization and automation that enhance the efficiency of the industry.

Sustainable Industries:

Highlighting eco-friendly solutions and practices for the green manufacturing sector.

Adaptive Industries:

Addressing the need for flexibility in manufacturing amid growing demands

Industry Evening – 14th May

Following the first day’s proceedings, join industry peers and enthusiasts for an engaging evening at the Jönköping Concert and Congress. The event promises networking opportunities and insights with a buffet, live music and captivating lectures

Conclusion :

Don’t miss Elmia Polymer 2024, the leading event for the plastics and rubber industry in Scandinavia. Explore cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions while networking with industry leaders.

Join us on 14 May for an exciting industry evening filled with insight and live music. Secure your place at Elmia Polymers now and become a partner in shaping the future of manufacturing. See you there

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