ColombiaPlast Event 2024 - Bogota, Colombia

ColombiaPlast is the biggest event in the Andean region for the plastics and packaging industries.

For the plastics, rubber, petrochemical, and packaging businesses in the Andes, Central America, and the Caribbean, ColombiaPlast is the best event of its kind. This important show, put together by Messe Düsseldorf North America, Ecoplasticos, and Corferias, gives business leaders a chance to work together, come up with new ideas, and promote sustainable growth in these areas.

Event Highlights

Visitors: 36,000 attendees
Exhibition Space: Over 4,000 square meters
Exhibitors: 207 exhibitors, including 61 international participants

People who go to ColombiaPlast can see the newest developments in raw materials, tools, equipment, production management, and process control. The goal of the event is to help businesses work together, make the field more competitive, and support environmentally friendly practices.

Event Details :

Date: SEPTEMBER 23  –  27 -2024

Location: Bogota International Business and Exhibitions Center – Corferias, COLOMBIA

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Profile of an Exhibitor

ColombiaPlast is where the biggest exhibitions of companies from the plastics, rubber, petrochemical, and packing industries from around the world come together. It’s open to makers, distributors, trade agencies, importers, wholesalers, groups, the government, and the media. The exhibition gives companies a chance to show off their latest developments and ideas that are meant to make the industry more sustainable

Sections That Make Up the Whole

– Raw materials – 3D printing – machinery and tools – maintenance and repairs of machinery and tools

Research and development, field services, recycling solutions, and sustainable production solutions are some of the things that we do.

Profile of a Visitor

A wide range of professionals attend the show, such as managers and buyers of machinery, raw materials, and equipment, as well as technicians who are interested in new developments in their field. People who come to the show in large numbers include managers of national and international companies, heads of production plants, purchasing managers, directors of industrial manufacturing businesses, investors, engineers, technicians, and people who run machines.

Food and drinks, medicine and pharmaceuticals, personal care and cosmetics, technology for processing, containers and packaging, polymers, paint manufacturing, cars, construction, design, and architecture are all industries that are represented

What Exhibitors Can Get Out of It

Becoming a part of ColombiaPlast has many perks, such as: – Trade rounds

– Specific tasks for buyers

– A constant free trade zone – Skilled negotiation with both domestic and international buyers – Access to a full technical and business agenda

Why Should You Show Off Your Work?

Colombia is the third-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, the third-largest in Latin America, and has the fourth-largest GDP in the region. It has about 50 million people. Every year, the country changes about 1.3 million tonnes of plastic by importing $100 billion worth of machinery, parts, and moulds for the plastics processing business. The fact that this business makes up 15% of Colombia’s manufacturing GDP shows how important it is to the economy of the country


ColombiaPlast is more than just a show; it helps people in the packaging, petrochemical, rubber, and plastics industries be more creative, work together, and grow. Both exhibitors and attendees can stay up to date on industry trends, make business connections that will last, and help these important industries grow in the long run by taking part

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ColombiaPlast mean?

ColombiaPlast is the best trade show for the packaging, rubber, petrochemical, and plastics businesses in Central America, the Caribbean, and the Andes

Who needs to go to ColombiaPlast?

Managers, buyers, techs, and engineers from the packaging, petrochemical, plastics, and rubber industries should all go to learn about the newest products and trends in their fields.

What can I look forward to at ColombiaPlast?

People who go will see the newest developments in raw materials, tools, equipment, production management, and process control. There will also be a big focus on environmentally friendly business practices.

What are the pros of exhibiting at ColombiaPlast?

Trade rounds, targeted buyer missions, a constant free trade zone, and smooth negotiations with both domestic and international buyers are some of the benefits that exhibitors can enjoy. There is also a full technical and business agenda.

How important is the plastics business to Colombia’s economy?

In Colombia, the plastics industry is very important to the economy. It makes up 15% of the country’s manufacturing GDP and changes about 1.3 million tonnes of plastic every year.

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